In 1997 three guys met at a side street bar in Dallas to talk about Land Cruisers. What started as a way to exchange info about where to find cheap parts resulted in those three guys placing flyers under Cruiser windshields in search of members. Fifteen years later finds us with three regional chapters and over 100 members statewide.


Lone Star Land Cruisers (LSLC) is a Texas non-profit association of Toyota Land Cruiser Owners chartered with the Toyota Land Cruiser Association. We are one of the largest and most active Land Cruiser organizations in the U.S. The club is interested in:

  • Creating a family-oriented environment where we can gather for the purpose of exploring, preserving and enjoying the remote areas of Texas and surrounding states in our Land Cruisers and other 4wd Toyota products.
  • Encouraging social and educational opportunities for members.
  • Promoting the exchange of ideas and technical information.

Our regional groups generally meet once a month, and have frequent off road functions. See our calendar for the current events schedule. We host an email list for our members as well as our own club section on the IH8MUD forum. By joining the mailing list you can participate in email-based discussions about our club, our vehicles, and off roading in general. For enrollment information click here.

We also advocate membership on the Toyota Land Cruiser Association. To be an LSLC member, we require your support of the TLCA. LSLC supports the TLCA and its national effort to unify and organize Land Cruiser owners.


Meetings vary by region. Click here for specific meeting information.

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