We are one of the fastest growing TLCA clubs. In addition to our founding chapter, which is located in the DFW area, we now have an active chapter in Austin.  For membership and meeting information, click on a star below:

If you are interested in starting a new LSLC chapter, here is what we offer:
  • We are over ten years old and are nationally chartered by the Toyota Land Cruiser Association ( Many members of our club are active in national events such as Cruise Moab and the Great Smokey Mountain Trail Ride and are known throughout the national Land Cruiser community.

  • We are family-oriented and conduct ourselves accordingly.

  • We attempt to have at least one and sometimes two off road events each month. These events are open to all classes of vehicles and there are plenty of empty seats if you want to hitch a ride with someone.

  • We currently have over 100 dues-paying members in three chapters who are very active in our events as well as our regular monthly meetings.

  • We share our logo, website and email list with our regional chapters. Each can be customized for your local group.

  • We enlist member support for your first organizational meeting and initial off road events, and will participate as much as possible given your location.

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