On December 1, 1998, Lone Star Land Cruisers received its charter with the Toyota Land Cruiser Association. The TLCA is a national organization open to all Toyota 4 wheel drive vehicles (except sedan types). This includes all models of Land Cruisers, 4Runners, FJ Cruisers and 4×4 trucks.

As the name implies, the majority of TLCA members own Land Cruisers, and this fact causes their primary focus to be Land Cruisers. Not that it is intended to “sideline” the other models, but the percentage of Land Cruisers makes this a reality. This point is raised so that should you be interested in joining TLCA, they would not want to accept your money and have you later regret your decision for any reason whatsoever.

Even so, the non-Land Cruiser members seem to enjoy their TLCA membership and reading TLCA’s publication Toyota Trails. There are advertisements catering to non Land Cruiser models as well as, from time to time, non Land Cruiser technical articles. And the TLCA always gives the same priority to articles submitted by members….no matter what they drive.

Because we are a TLCA chapter, our members are required to be TLCA members in good standing, and be prepared to adhere to the following vehicle requirements developed by TLCA for their members:

Vehicles registered for participation in the TLCA/LSLC, or a TLCA/LSLC sanctioned event are subject to a “Vehicle Inspection”. And though TLCA/LSLC makes no representation as to the impact of such an inspection upon safe participation in an event, failure to pass such an inspection will disqualify the vehicle from participating in the event. NOTE: LSLC requires that all member vehicles meet the minimum vehicle requirements below in order to participate in an LSLC event. We strongly recommend that you take the time to be familiar with them and prepare your vehicle accordingly.

All determinations pertaining to the “Vehicle Inspection” shall be at the sole judgement of the event committee, and/or its designates, responsible for such inspections. If a vehicle fails to pass an inspection, correction of any deficiencies may be attempted and the vehicle re-inspected, provided such correction and re-inspection can be conducted without impact to event schedules.

The following are minimum vehicle requirements which, if not met, disqualify a vehicle from participating in an event:

Service Brakes: Must be able to stall engine when idling in 2nd gear (1st gear if 3 speed).
Parking Brake: Must be able to stall engine when idling in 3rd gear (2nd gear if 3 speed).
Brake Lights: Must be functioning properly.
Tires: All tires, including spare, must have at least 2/32″ of tread. Spare tire must be fully inflated. Air down tires to a maximum of 15 psi prior to safety inspection.
Roll Bar: Any open vehicle must have a roll bar firmly attached to the vehicle.
Seat Belts: Required for driver and each passenger.
Fire Extinguisher: Must show full charge on gauge and/or have seal intact.
First Aid Kit: Recommended to be as complete as is reasonably possible.
Antenna Length: Not longer than 54″, unless both ends are firmly attached to the vehicle.
The following are evaluated items which, depending on severity and/or quantity of deficiencies, may disqualify a vehicle from participating in an event:

Running Lights.
Turn Signals.
Windshield: No dangerous cracks.
Exhaust System: Must be intact. No open exhaust, excessive noise or excessive smoke.
Steering: Check play in wheel, condition of column and mounting hardware, knuckle arms.
Hoses & Lines: Water, gas, brake lines. (Please do not bring a vehicle with excessive leaks to an event. Such leaks can be damaging to the environment.)
Vehicle Jack: Hi-Lift-type recommended.
Tow Strap, Tow Rope and/or Chain.
The following are recommended items which LSLC and the TLCA encourages you to consider:

CB Radio.
Fan Belt, Radiator Water, Battery Cables.
Tire Gauge, Tire Pump, Tire Patch Kit.
Rags, Hand Cleaner, Litter Bags.
Axe, Shovel.
Flashlight, Spare Batteries, Spare Vehicle Key.

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